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105g A-Max

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Recently bought 6mm/243 Hornady A-max moly bullets for reloading. They ate the 105g and I was wanting to load them for a deer round. Are the A max a match bullet or are the for hunting.
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Designed by match shooters for match shooters. With an ultra-low drag tip, our A-Max match bullets feature an aerodynamic secant ogive that delivers flat trajectories with excellent uniformity and concentricity. Find out more...

Rapid, explosive expansion with limited penetration.
Recommended muzzle velocity range: 2000+ fps.
These bullets are not recommended for hunting.
No I wouldnt suggest them for hunting especially after reading the above off their website. Now they would probably suffice for head shots at long distances just fine though if your a DM or something along that line. I wouldnt consider that a hunting situation though.
Amax's will work fabulous on varmints, and coyote's as they will pretty much explode killing small creatures, and not damage pelts with large exit wounds if you are hunting for furbearers. for larger game, you will want something to retain weight, like the interbond . or any one of the other multitudes of rounds out there. accubond, X bullet, Tipped X, core lokt, A-frame, etc...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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