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I want a Ruger ten round mag but they don't make it. I have tried all of the other ten round aftermarket mags that I can find. I have had jamming problems with all of them until now. I have found a ten round mag which is made identically to my Ruger five round mag and has never jammed for me. It is made heavy like the Ruger five rounder and is not tinny like other aftermarkets I've tried. I have (6) that I can sell right now with (50) on backorder to arrive in thirty days. I am backing these with a 100% money back guarantee. These are brand new and never used. I will test fire them in my own firearm before I send them out if you prefer. You can view these at my photo album on Go to and type in [email protected] in the friend's email space. This will bring up my album. Click on mini-14 mags and there are my pictures. The price for these is:
0-9 mags $16.95 ea.
10-15 mags $14.95 ea.
plus actual shipping + insurance(optional). You can email me at [email protected].
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