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10/22 value?

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howdy guys! thinkin on selling or tradin my 10/22 rifle. it's in great shape. i installed a hogue overmolded stock, and butler creek carbon fiber barrel. shoots and feeds good so far. what would it be worth? i really don't know with those items added, any ideas?:ar15:
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I dont know about prices in the usa ,But you would be better to throw that BC carbon Plastic barrel on e-bay and sell the gun with a factory barrel . BC plastic barrels have a really bad reputation and it will bring the price of the gun down if you leave it on
the factory ruger barrel will shoot 3/4 inch at 50y and dont cost any extra. My green mountain shoots easly under .5 at 50y all day long .
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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