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10-22 mag to .17HRM Conversion

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Hello Gentlemen,

I have returned to seek your expertise once again. I just got a new 10-22 magnum with the intention of setting it up with a .17HRM barrel and also a .22 mag bull barrel that I might occasionally swap out. I have heard conflicting reports as to whether this is a true "no real gunsmithing required" barrel swap and would appreciate any feedback from those who have done it. I would also like to hear from anybody that has tried the newer (less expensive) bull barrels from Green Mountain and Butler Creek. As always any pertinent advice is appreciated.

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Whistle Pig makes a drop in 17HMR barrel for you 10/22 mag.
I dont have one but I do have two of their 22lr barrels and love the. Louis is the man to talk to, he is great and will answer emails quickly
the 17hmr barrels are not listed on the web site they are a new product. but he will send you pics

Active duty
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