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10-22 mag to .17HRM Conversion

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Hello Gentlemen,

I have returned to seek your expertise once again. I just got a new 10-22 magnum with the intention of setting it up with a .17HRM barrel and also a .22 mag bull barrel that I might occasionally swap out. I have heard conflicting reports as to whether this is a true "no real gunsmithing required" barrel swap and would appreciate any feedback from those who have done it. I would also like to hear from anybody that has tried the newer (less expensive) bull barrels from Green Mountain and Butler Creek. As always any pertinent advice is appreciated.

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"no real gun-smithing required"
Not only does it not take a gunsmith.........a OLD coyote with 4 left paws can do it.

I would only suggest that you make the same changes that you would if re-doing a 10/22 LR. New exact extractor (to make sure casings are extracted) , new VQ hammer (to lower trigger pull)
new extended magazine release and a new mag bolt buffer. These are not necessary but sure make the weapon nicer. Available from

This is the most simple swap that you can do. Take stock off, remove the two screws holding the V block, add new 17 barrel, replace screws and V block, put back into bull barrel stock and your done. (Green Mountain barrels are great from You use the same magazine as the 22 mag. When you want to go back to the mag 22 (with bull barrel) just swap it out again. Not sure you will ever go back to the 22 mag though. The 17 will shoot 1/2" and smaller groups at 100 yards.
Good luck
Sorry, was thinking about chasing a rabbit when I wrote that.

Lilja and Clark make drop-in barrels for the 10/22 Magnum, but Green Mountain and Volquartsen don't make them yet.

Not a straight drop-in, but it is quite simple with the shims.

If you get a Volquartsen 77/17HMR barrel, you'll be disappointed if you try to shoot it by just dropping it in your 10/22 Magnum.

So, either get a Lilja or Clark 10/22 Magnum 10/17HMR drop-in barrel or get the GM or Volquartsen 77/17HMR barrel and the shim kit.

This is from the guy that sells the shims:

Yep, they are 77/17 --> 10/17 barrel washers and shims
These are the design conversion to make your 10/22 mag into a 10/17 with a 77/17 barrel from GM or other manufacturer.

I'm selling them for $20 a set, which includes a steel washer (not stainless, so they can be blued) and a half-moon shim that's ground on an angle to adapt the 77/17 barrel (which has the extractor groove about 30 degrees or so away from the 10/22 mag bolt's extractor, not to mention that the dovetail on the 77/17 barrel is closer to the breach-end of the barrel than the 10/22 mag barrel is.

Contact me at "[email protected]"

Hope this helps.
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