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Ruger 10/22 "Junior"
Volquartsen Parts: Bolt Release and Hammer Pack (love the 2 ½ lb trigger pull)
Target Trigger
Hex Head Takedown Screw
Polyurethane Recoil Buffer Pin
Stock: AMT with a Monte Carlo cheek piece
Scope: Red Head Epic 3x9x40
Wish List: Shilen 22 Long Rifle Varmint Contour 1 in 16" Twist 22" Stainless Steel (would look even more like Senior)
10_22 junior.jpg

This is a photo of Senior (Weatherby Mark 5) and Junior. It is so much cheaper to stay in shape for shooting with Junior than Senior.
10_22 Senior.jpg

At the indoor range, 74 feet and on a bench. I shoot a 5 round group below. Wolf Match Target 22 LR ammo.
Thanks Que for the suggestion about a piece of inner tube in the barrel channel right at the muzzle end.


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