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10/22 Double Discharge?

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This is a first for me. When shooting one of my 10/22's today, twice it fired a double discharge. By that I mean it fired once with a single squeeze of the trigger, and fired once again upon release of the trigger. I put it away immediately, and will set about to repair it immediately as well. Anyone else experience this? It must be in the trigger assembly, but I'm not sure what specifically would cause this...:huh:
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Check your sear and disconnector -- those are the only 2 parts it could be.

Without having any parts in front of me, I couldn't tell you for sure what might be happening. I'll have to strip mine down and fool with it a bit.

Or maybe someone who's experienced this can tell you for sure. ;)
I agree, COBrien. It just has to be in that part of the assembly. I'll tear into it tonight & see what the heck is going on in the assembly...
Just stumbled across this diagram over at RFC, and thought it might help with diagnosis...

Sounds like your sear isn't catching the hammer on its return trip.

From what I can figure, one of two things is causing this. Either (1) your hammer/sear engagement is FUBAR, or (2) your disconnector isn't resetting the sear.

Have you checked your disconnector/sear spring?

EDIT: Can you "hold off" the second shot? By that I mean pull the trigger (bang), then hold it back (no bang), until you release (bang). Or was it doubling/following?
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supposedly - you can MAKE a mini 14 do this intentionally with a staple stuck in a strategic location within the trigger pack. not sure how similar the trigger mechanism is with a 10/22

logic would dictate that a foreign object could do it too if it got lodged in just the right place...

if the rifle is newish... maybe a little bit of metal left from construction found its way in there?
It could be a bump fire. My 10-22 will double when I am going for group and the trigger finger stops and stays there after the first shot. The small rebound/recoil cause the gun to fire again.
I have a M100 Winchester 308 that I have to sight in with one round at a time. If I have two rounds, one in the chamber and one in the mag, it will double. In both cases it is follow through. I don't grab thee trigger. Squeeze, squeeze,.............bang! ..... surprise release and your finger is in the way when the gun returns to original place.
COBrien, that is correct...either the hammer/sear engagement is failing somehow, or the disconnector isn't resetting the sear. There aren't many other possibilities. This trigger assembly did have a trigger job performed on it by a very reputable gunsmith, so it has a lighter pull than a typical factory trigger. I'm hoping the problem was due to a small foreign object. I'll find out when I get back to AZ in a few days...
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