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  1. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    This pretty much puts to bed the notion that its 55 gr. cannelured FMJ/BT bullet does not perform like the USGI M193 fodder. Really like this ammo. GR
  2. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Wondering what the reviews are on this Russian ammo for the Mini-14? Been shopping around, and besides the M855 LC, this stuff seems to be the most reasonable priced. Since all the good stuff seems to be sold out for now, figured i might pick up 500-1000 rounds of something semi-consistent...
  3. M14 and M1A Talk
    Whadd'ya say? I'm about to get a Socom 16. I'm wondering if it's okay to shoot steel through these instead of brass - a friend warned me that I risk damaging my gun because the steel is tougher on the firing pin or something like that. Myth? Does the cheapness of Wolf (etc) mitigate the...
  4. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    It seems this Russian stuff is only bad for M4's with their short gas tube and different timing of the bolt and wold casues FTE with them rifles... MINI are fine with this stuff. All the big time shooters use this cheap ammo... No one is wasting top dollar with over price ammo.
  5. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Nutn is cheap. he shoots 1000's of rounds and only shoots Wolf. Save money. He said if a gun does not shoot wolf, he will not review it. He loves the Mini 14... I guess it handles wolf real well... But people say the Mini 30 can not take wolf. So the firing pin of a MINI 14 can take the...
  6. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Okay guys I understand not wanting to shoot the Bear, Wolf ammo out of your rifle but it seems both have done a lot of improvements. I shot nothing but US made brass cased boxer primed ammo and my firing pin broke anyway (I am convinced it was a fluke and Ruger took care of me). I bought my...
  7. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    So Ruger sent me a new Rifle and I went out to the range the very next day, and after 100 rounds of everything from steel cased wolf to commercial seller and bellot, it malfunctioned about 50% of the time. The right locking lug hangs up, because of this tightness the fired case does not extract...
1-7 of 8 Results