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  1. Hunting Forum
    It was the last weekend of regular deer season, saturday night. A long time member of the deer lease drives up to the camp, and backs his truck up to the scales. That is usually a sure sign that there is a deer in the back of the truck. They get the doe weighed and are stringing it up to skin...
  2. For Sale - MISC
    New 100 count Winchester Bags. 7mm 150 Gr PP wb7pp150 These are new bags never opened. I have 10 bags, 1000 bullets I am selling these by offers, or will trade. I will be posting several other adds for reload supplies. You can contact me at [email protected] Located in Durham Thanks Karl
  3. Lever Action Talk
    I am getting the itch to purchase my first lever action 30-30. Thought I wanted a Winchester Model 94 Traditional CW until I handled one at the local shop followed my a Marlin 336C. I am new to lever actions but have been reading up on them. The recurring theme I read is that Winchester quality...
  4. Lever Action Talk
    i like the marlin lever pivot action, and am concerned about the winchester lever pivot/whole lotta angles and steel that comes down. anyone have any comments on the "naturalness", durability, and smoothness of the winchester in use? it just seems awkward to me. any advantages over the marlin?
1-4 of 6 Results