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  1. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Is this normal??:unsure: My new M30 Tactical fails to extract almost EVERY round if I am using steel case ammo . . in this case China Sports, have not tried other steel case schtuff. Fails to extract and drives the next round into the casing still in the chamber . . The spent case is NOT stuck...
  2. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Heheh I can't stop myself. Just need to hit it with some paint and away we go. Its the start of yet another addiction... Wolf springs, trigger job, bedded custom stock etc etc. Now I just gotta shoot it :P
  3. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Hey all, new member here. I searched around for awhile, but didn't see any info on this. I just just bought a new Mini 30 tactical. I shot 100 rounds thru it the other day at the range and when I disassembled it to clean I noticed an odd wear mark on the bolt. A coworker bought the same gun...
  4. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Took my new Ruger Mini-Thirty Tactical to the range this morning with 200 rounds of berdan primed ammunition. This was its first time to the range. I fired five types of ammunition through the rifle at 100, 200 and 300 yards: Lapua brass case berdan primed (40 rounds) Wolf Black Box steel...
  5. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    I have tried the search function and don't seem to find any.... Does anybody have a Mini 30 Tactical w/ Grip Pod on it with a picture and some feedback? I saw this one, but I am thinking of mounting to bottom of stock...
  6. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Here is another review by our guy (Tokarev) on the Ruger forum for those of you who may have missed it: My NEW Tac-30 - Ruger Forum And for anyone interested, some pictures of the new Mini-30 Tactical barrel profile and dimensions: M
  7. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Has anyone put one through it's paces yet ?? How about any results using steel cased ammo vs brass ? Tom
1-7 of 8 Results