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  1. Rifles Misc
    Its about a buck a bullet now for 223 this is F'ing insane. Will we ever have normal prices again? I need a raise to support my gun habit.
  2. General Chit Chat
    curious as to what people have packed other than weapons/ammo
  3. Hunting Forum
    It was the last weekend of regular deer season, saturday night. A long time member of the deer lease drives up to the camp, and backs his truck up to the scales. That is usually a sure sign that there is a deer in the back of the truck. They get the doe weighed and are stringing it up to skin...
  4. Rifles Misc
    I was counting ammo earlier 3665 rds of misc M193 5.56 910 rds m855 5.56 360 rds Hornady TAP T2 5.56 nato pressure 75gr 130 rds Hornady TAP T1 FPD 75gr 20 rds TAP 55gr ballistic .223 130 rds TAP urbn 55gr .223 70 rds Federal 55gr urbn soft point .223 30 rds federal tact bonded 55gr .223 60...
1-4 of 5 Results