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  1. FN-FAL Talk
    Just put one on layaway and was wondering what kind of accuracy you guys have been getting. I'll be using handloads. I already know it's not a match rifle, just wondering what to expect.
  2. FN-FAL Talk
    Has anyone had any experience with the genuine IMBEL complete rifles? I am interested in importing one of these into New Zealand, but have no knowledge of the quality of the units (finish, fit, quality...
  3. FN-FAL Talk
    Howdy folks – I am planning to replace the black synthetic furniture on my DSA, STG58 Austrian FAL with Israeli wood furniture (hand guard and stock) and I am wondering if there are any surprises waiting for me. Is this going to be a straight forward replacement operation or is (are) demons...
1-3 of 3 Results