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  1. AR-15 Gallery
    This is my Spike's Tactical ST-15 Middy. Its got a Daniel Defense 12.0 Modular Float rail on it and a set of DD fixed sights. Im still debating what kind of optics I want to utilize on this one its had different sets of Irons on it for a few months now. Just wanted to show mine you guys all have...
  2. AR-15 Talk
    From this page, which rifle and why? AR15-M16 Rifles-D S Arms Please, lets keep the cost at around $1,000 or less. The rifles I am looking at are the: DSZM4CV1R DSZM4CV1RCL I would like something with a flattop. My other options are a S&W M&P, or maybe even a Spikes. If you know of...
1-2 of 2 Results