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  1. SKS Talk
    As the title states I picked up my first sks. It's a arsenal 306 TYPE 56. I think I got a pretty good deal on it. All numbers match. Paid 400 bucks for it, it came with 4 boxes of ammo and a Tapco intrafuse stock. Only thing not original on it is the hand guard, I plan on replacing it with...
  2. SKS Talk
    I did some reading here and on other site but there a few things that i didnt really understand.Heres a few pics.Maybe you experts can help me more on telling me about this sks.THANKS Cant really tell what it says here.I could only tell a few words...... Can someone tell me what it says on...
  3. SKS Talk
    Hello PU Friends: I'm currently considering getting an SKS rifle to add my collection. I must admit, I'm a complete "newbie" when it comes to this rifle. That said, I've been watching many videos and checking out various web links to find all the good information out there. But, as I'm sure...
  4. SKS Talk
    Was heading home from a turkey hunting trip and stopped at a local pawn shop, spotted a Norinco SKS and picked it up for $190 out the door. I was hoping I could get some help IDing this particular rifle. Year made, pre or post ban anything would help. Markings are: Toward the front of the...
  5. SKS Talk
    I know that Romania produced the SKS from 1957 to 1962. Does anyone know how many were made throughout that 5 year period? Thanks for any inf.
1-5 of 5 Results