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  1. SKS Talk
    For those of us in those 'other' states - what are the options of pre-ban higher than 10rd capacity mags? I've seen the 20rd fixed (are they reliable?) and the variations on duckbill mags. Are there pre-ban versions and how can they be identified? Can the duckbills be used without any...
  2. SKS Talk
    Went to a local gun store to see if they had a new Saiga 7.62x39. Found this instead (hey, I was looking for Russian; I found Russian). It is a partial Bubba in that someone removed the bayonet, lost the cleaning rod, and painted the stock black. The good news is that they did a good job on the...
  3. SKS Talk
    Am I alone in noticing a trend in the price of these rifles?SKS's are going up,Ak's,Mini 14/30 are all about the same.AR's and clones are a comin down.Ammo the same,7.62x39 up to 5.00 a box,223 down to 4.00 a box?Whats going on?Political,customer,collector,availablity??One or all these...
  4. SKS Talk
    being a new sks owner/shooter, I am going to start reloading for it. is the bullet diameter 308 or 311?
  5. SKS Talk
    I ran into an chinese sks in mint shape at A pawn shop , its been some time that i have seen one in mint shape like this one , most of the ones i see are good to fair shape , so i asked about the price , the dealer said $400 total tax and all , i told him too much , he sad he could not take A...
  6. SKS Talk
    Hello PU Friends: I'm currently considering getting an SKS rifle to add my collection. I must admit, I'm a complete "newbie" when it comes to this rifle. That said, I've been watching many videos and checking out various web links to find all the good information out there. But, as I'm sure...
  7. SKS Talk
    There's a company that will be soon coming out with a bullpup stock for the SKS. This is a all-new bullpup stock. The name of the company is Shernic Gun Works. Here is the link:
  8. SKS Talk
    Was heading home from a turkey hunting trip and stopped at a local pawn shop, spotted a Norinco SKS and picked it up for $190 out the door. I was hoping I could get some help IDing this particular rifle. Year made, pre or post ban anything would help. Markings are: Toward the front of the...
  9. SKS Talk
    I have picked up an Albainian SkS from a buddy still packed in the grease it was shipped in. How do these compair to my Norinco and other SKS rifles. Any thought's would be cool. Tryin to decide to keep and shoot or sell and profit. Thanks
  10. SKS Talk
    I have been looking into buying a Tapco t6 or fusion for my Chinese SKS for a while and i was just wondering if the picatinney rail on the top of the gas tube blocks your Iron Sights. I really dont see the use for a Scope or optic unless you are hunting or Sniping. So anybody know if this happens?
  11. SKS Talk
    I picked up a 1953 Russian SKS and although it looks to be in great shape, let's face it the rifle is 56 years old. I am familiar with firearms, but I have never owned one that is this old. So my question here is, how stout are these? Would you all consider this to be a rifle that could be...
  12. SKS Talk
    Has anyone out there had any experience with Tapco Zytel 20rd. Detachable Magazines in their SKSs ?? I need a few 20rounders and was looking at the Tapco Zytel ... anyother magazines suggestions you may have would be appreciated!! THanks --
  13. SKS Talk
    I thought I'd like to add my thoughts into the talk. I will soon, God-willing, buy myself an SKS because no other rifle offers more. God bless! SKS and Mini-14 H.& H. = Hand to Hand SKS Pos 1. Battle Rifle a. Durable b. Ideal; made for H.& H. Combat c. Ability to accept Bayonette d. Easy...
  14. SKS Talk
    I know that Romania produced the SKS from 1957 to 1962. Does anyone know how many were made throughout that 5 year period? Thanks for any inf.
  15. SKS Talk
    I recently bought a yugo 59/66. I was wanting to put a foldable stock on it. After looking around for the best, I found that the ATI foldable stock for sks seems to be the most popular among shooters (let me know if you think/have heard differently). After disassembling my sks a few times to...
1-15 of 15 Results