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  1. Bolt Action Talk
    Hi, If interested, the following article series takes a look at Ruger's Gunsite Scout Rifle... Real Guns - Ruger's Gunsite Scout Rifle Real Guns - Ruger's Gunsite Scout Rifle Part II Mark
  2. Bolt Action Talk
    A practical, and shared caliber rifle in the GSR model. Now that bolt gun would be fun (and economical) to shoot.
  3. Bolt Action Talk
    Seen the new ruger gunsite .308 boltaction today really want one \, want do you think of the gun?
  4. Rifles Misc
    I just saw the new Outdoor Life magazine with the new rifle test, there was a good article about the new Ruger 308 scout rifle. It made the editor favorite!
  5. Bolt Action Talk
    Here's a few pic's of my new Scout Rifle. (My first bolt action...) I have a Burris 2.75 scout scope. I have not had a chance to take it out to the long range. (Other than 10 rounds at a indoor 25 yd range) I'll let you all know how it works next weekend. Lateck,
  6. Ruger 10/22
    -10/22 Compact -16.25" factory taper barrel threaded -Factory birch stock modified for butt plate and strut, "torch camo'd" and refinished with Tung oil -M14 trapdoor butt plate (with teak spacer and stash) -Auto bolt release mod -Tech Sights TS200 -UAG 2.5x20 LER scope w/ supplied rings...
  7. Bolt Action Talk
    What's the opinion on Ruger's new rifle? At first, I really didn't care for it, just a first glance, but after some reading up on it, I've changed my mind. I really think that it would be a pretty handy rifle. I've been looking for a .308 bolt action and this might be the one. I like the...
1-7 of 7 Results