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  1. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    I recently picked up a Redfield 3-9x40 to mount on my 581 series all weather Ranch in .223 cal. I used the factory Ruger mounts that came with the rifle & noticed that in order to get a full picture at 9x in needed to slide it back on the mounts so the rear ring is only 1/8" to 3/16" from the...
  2. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    I'm putting a scope on the Mini-14 Tactical. Not sure I am crazy about the side mounts unless anyone has had good experience with them. Many brands I knnow. I like the ones that Jack Weigand and [email protected] have, specifically the [email protected] model. Thoughts please. Thanks.Jerry
  3. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    New Mini-14 (Christmas present) Circassain New Leupold VX-2 1-4x (Birthday Present) No modifications to the gun whatsoever (I wanted to get a baseline) I used a Leupold Zero Point to get on paper Shots were taken at an indoor range near where I live... they have 50yard and 100 yard rifle...
  4. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    In the latest edition of the "American Rifleman" I saw the red dot site I wanted. To back up a bit........... I want to use the rings/mount that came with my 580 series Mini-14. I do not want to add rails or other tacti-cool parts to my Mini. I like the traditional look. Anyway, back to...
1-5 of 5 Results