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  1. Bolt Action Talk
    Hey everybody I picked one of these up a couple weekends ago. I love it so far I'm mounting a luepold VX-R 2-7x on it for low light/ night hog hunting under a feeder. Anyone else have one? I'd like to hear how others have them set up with optics and stuff. I'd LOVE to put a can on it but that's...
  2. Bolt Action Talk
    Currently I have a Ruger scout and a Savage scout, and now I find myself eyeing the Ruger compact in 7.62x39. I own an AMD-65 and have a lot of suruplus 7.62x39 ammo, but would probably reload for the Ruger. Does anyone here have one? If so how do you like it? If so, how are groups with...
  3. Bolt Action Talk
    Has anyone bought one of these. I think mine may be fairly accurate, but it's hard to tell. My rifle has to have the single worst trigger pull of any rifle I have ever owned. My pull gauge doesn't even go high enough to measure it and it is rough and gritty with terrible over-travel. Are...
  4. Rifles Misc
    Is offering six new rifles in .260 remington. Worth bringing up in case there are any 6.5 lovers out there looking for a new factory rifle. I'm not sure why they are supporting the 6.5 creedmoor though...
  5. Bolt Action Talk
    Hey Fellas, This might be my first post, been lurkin' around here for years though. I picked up this Savage Mod 10 Precision Carbine yesterday, sighted it this afternoon. At 200yds 7/8" group w/ new Win cases, Varget, CCI primers and a 168g Hornady A-Max. I like it.
1-5 of 6 Results