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  1. AK Talk
    Bought a Norinco hunter this is the first actual AK-47 style rifle. However i cant find much on the gun or any problems people may have had with it cant even find the problem i am having with regular AK-47s online so ill try here. So i put the thirty round mag i bought online is a great...
  2. AK Talk
    Ok... I just got my CDL learners permit, so I will be making a lot more money real soon. Which means I have more money for guns!!! I want a Saiga 223, because the Arsenals are too damn expensive and they are never in stock. Having hard time finding accessories for it. It needs a...
  3. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    As I've posted here, I recently picked up a 581 Series Mini-14 and am pleased with it. I started thinking thatI have a couple of Yugo SKS's laying around here that I never shoot. It occurred to me that I could sell them to finance a Mini-30. Do the Nini-30's exhibit the same problems and the...
  4. Rifles Misc
    Why spend a fortune sending your gun out for a conversion or chance ruining your rifle yourself? A tapco t-6 stock set gets rid of the cheesy buttstock and gives you a pistol grip back. Then I modified some standard double stack AK mags. First, file the mag catch until it fits into your...
  5. AK Talk
    $412 OTD. Still deciding on what to do with this. Jim
  6. AK Talk
    I'm thinking specifically of the 16.5" barreled version, but reports on accuracy and range for any saiga 308 would be appreciated. Also, if I wanted to install a tapco G2 trigger on one, would I have to make it 922(r) compatible? If so, how many parts need to be replaced?
  7. AK Talk
    I have used a variety of AKs from semi to full auto. I would like to buy one and I'm not sure where to start, I know there are a ton of places to look and buy. I been looking at K-Var Corp. ™ recently. What are the differences between the SGL21 and SLR-107? Also, the IZH-132 compared to the...
  8. AK Talk
    Anyone have a converted saiga 308? Can you share with us (picts will be great) what handguard you put on yours? Where did you buy it at? etc.?
  9. AK Talk
    any thoughts? Does this belong in another forum?
  10. AK Talk
    I finished this last night, got the parts from Carolina Shooters Supply, ordered them Thursday and got them Monday. Tapco trigger, Hogue grip, SKS sling, Dinzag bullet guide. Kvar NATO length stock. Can't wait to go shoot it, the trigger is much better than stock.
  11. AK Talk
    Hello PU Friends: I've been lurking around in this part of the Perfect Union message board for a while now. This is my first post regarding the AK-47, so please forgive my "newbie" questions. Here's the deal...I'm thinking about getting an AK-47, as I have a Ruger Mini-30, and I'd like...
1-11 of 11 Results