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  1. AK Talk
    Bought a Norinco hunter this is the first actual AK-47 style rifle. However i cant find much on the gun or any problems people may have had with it cant even find the problem i am having with regular AK-47s online so ill try here. So i put the thirty round mag i bought online is a great...
  2. AK Talk
    I have used a variety of AKs from semi to full auto. I would like to buy one and I'm not sure where to start, I know there are a ton of places to look and buy. I been looking at K-Var Corp. ™ recently. What are the differences between the SGL21 and SLR-107? Also, the IZH-132 compared to the...
  3. AK Talk
    I finished this last night, got the parts from Carolina Shooters Supply, ordered them Thursday and got them Monday. Tapco trigger, Hogue grip, SKS sling, Dinzag bullet guide. Kvar NATO length stock. Can't wait to go shoot it, the trigger is much better than stock.
1-3 of 3 Results