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  1. FN-FAL Talk
    Another one of my favorite FN/FAL videos. Make sure you have your speakers on to get the full effect. I wish my SA58 has those rear sights
  2. FN-FAL Talk
    Any suggestions on a new dust cover / scope mount for my DS Arms SA58 FN/FAL? When I bought my rifle, I got just the standard SA58 with no bells or whistles. As deer season draws closer, its getting time to get a scope mounted on the rifle. There are several options out on the market, so I...
  3. FN-FAL Talk
    My first impressions of the SA58 were very good. The rifle handled very well, shot well, was well balanced, and had very little recoil. The first couple of times I shot the FAL, it was just to make sure the rifle shot ok - "yep, it shoots" kind of thing. But now it was time to take the SA58...
  4. FN-FAL Talk
    Hey guys. I've been looking hard at a serious-business .308 semi-auto to help round-out the collection. At first I was looking at a Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad, but decided that wasn't really what I was looking for after all. I don't want an AR-10 either; I imagine at one point I'll end...
  5. FN-FAL Talk
    Has anyone had any experience with the genuine IMBEL complete rifles? I am interested in importing one of these into New Zealand, but have no knowledge of the quality of the units (finish, fit, quality...
1-5 of 5 Results