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  1. Rifles Misc
    Anybody have one of these? Ruger® Gunsite Scout Rifle Models Curious to see if they are worth it. I like the concept behind the "scout rifle" though the haters seem to abound in every article I read on it. Sure, M1 makes more sense being both .308 and a semi, but when $$$$ butts its ugly head...
  2. Bolt Action Talk
    A practical, and shared caliber rifle in the GSR model. Now that bolt gun would be fun (and economical) to shoot.
  3. Bolt Action Talk
    what type of ammo are you guys running thru your gunsite rifles? Also can military berdan primed be used? i know it is hell on mini 14/30 firing pins. i see some vendors are selling battle packs of 308 reasonably priced. the goal is to reload so berdan cases are out but was just asking out of...
  4. Bolt Action Talk
    Seen the new ruger gunsite .308 boltaction today really want one \, want do you think of the gun?
  5. Bolt Action Talk
    I have failure to eject about 33pct of the time just feeding rounds and racking the bolt. The round stays attached to the extractor. I'm giving it all I've got and I'm no 98lb weakling. The bolt feels like **** compared to any Remington, Sako, or Tikka I've ever tried. It's even ****tier...
  6. Bolt Action Talk
    What's the opinion on Ruger's new rifle? At first, I really didn't care for it, just a first glance, but after some reading up on it, I've changed my mind. I really think that it would be a pretty handy rifle. I've been looking for a .308 bolt action and this might be the one. I like the...
1-6 of 6 Results