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romanian wasr-10

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  1. AK Talk
    One of my older neighbors recently decided to finally get a battle rifle, (now of all times, right?), and he picked up this WASR at a local gunshow for a decent price considering the current climate. It has no threaded barrel and the ears are shaved off of the bayonet lug, so I assumed it was a...
  2. AK Talk
    So I bought my first AK-47 at a gun show recently, and it's a WASR 10/63. It came with two magazines, one metal and one Tapco polymer, and both fit just fine. Not sure of their size, but 30 round, I think. Meanwhile, a friend had given me two very similar looking steel mags, and I also...
  3. AK Talk
    When I started reading alot about all of the different quality control issues with the Century Arms WASR's I decided I just had to see these for myself. I waited until the next gun show and had no trouble finding the WASR's.. They ranged from $375-$600. ALL of the issues I saw were in fit-finish...
  4. AK Talk
    Just bought a WASR 10, never owned one before, have a Saiga 7.62 X 39, but thats the closest I have gotten... What do the owners out there think of the single stack mags? Do you think it would be worth it to have a gunsmith make it capable of taking AK mags? Or are the single stacks good...
  5. AK Gallery
    Haven't even shot it yet, except for the photos. Quick and dirty photo on the deck within an hour of bringing it home. In the studio a couple of days later.
  6. AK Talk
    I took out my wasr 10 that I bought a while back to the range for the first time. The only mags I have for it are 2 tapco 30 round polymer mags that I was not to thrilled with from the beginning. I had loaded up the mags several months ago and left them fully loaded. At first I was having...
  7. AK Talk
    Alright so I traded my mini 14 this weekend for a WASR 10/63 UF and 400 rounds of 7.62x39 at the local gun shop. I'd never even seen an ak style rifle in person so I wanted to familiarize myself with the design, plus i was tired of shooting .223 and my target papers looking like i'd been...
  8. AK Talk
    so i've been thinking about buying a wasr-10 from seems like a good ak clone for the price. ive heard problems about mag. wobble... but a friend says tapco mags don't do that. but my main concerns are accuracy and jamming. is this a good rifle to shoot accurate groupings 50-100...
  9. AK Talk
    I'm worried to shoot it. The main reason is the receiver is stamped and NOT milled. Many people I've heard say that that stamped receiver WILL break sooner or later but gunsmiths can fix it. Does anyone have two cents on this? Even if a gunsmith were to fix it does anyone know how well and/or...
  10. AK Talk
    Hello:) I have this problem with my WASR-10/63, go figure :) When I try cocking the gun with a loaded clip, the bolt carrier will stop moving and some part of the bolt jams up tight at about 1/4" to 1/2" from the fully closed position. It also jams on the ejection cycle in the same place, its...
  11. AK Talk
    Are WASR 10's any good? I have a chance to buy one but, have to decide by tomorrow. I've had 100's of guns but, have never seen one of these, what should I look for?:blink: Semper Fi
  12. AK Gallery
    Not much to say, Standard old run of the mill WASR 10/63, made in Romania 1964. need to get some ammo to feed her!
  13. AK Talk
    So I have a question for everyone. :) I have the chance to pick up a Century Arms Synthetic stock AK-47. Now, I know that they have the grand title of :beer:"Drunken Monkies":beer: but I want to know if I should drop 1/2 K :blink:on an AK? Should I go for it or just walk away? I already own a...
  14. AK Talk
    really need help from anyone who knows WASR-10's. I ordered a wasr10 from They were friendly and one of the first ones willing to ship to cali by shipping it without the pistol grip attached. They were out of 10 rd. mags. I emailed them before purchasing and...
  15. AK Gallery
    Chromed barrel and Tapco Trigger, don't know much else about it.:blink: My German Shepherd Max and my AK. What more could I ask for?:P BRING ON THE ZOMBIES!!!
  16. AK Talk
    AIM has them: Is there any difference other than the bayonet lug and threaded barrel? Are the receivers qualitatively better? I take it these will have the usual grinded out magwells? Any info anyone has...
  17. AK Talk
    Well I went to the store today to try to get a WASR-10. I was surprised at the cost...$489.00. I thought that was a bit much so I didn't buy it. I was not happy. It was NIB.
  18. AK Gallery
    Here's my 2006 No-Ban Century GP WASR-10/63. She wears Romanian miltary upper and lower handguard, a 30 round Polish slabside synthetic mag, an Armory US pistol grip, Century slant brake, and a bayonet lug on the gas block. Still need to stain and finish the buttstock. Also have a Romanian steel...
  19. AK Gallery
    Here's my latest projects, I really like the dragunov style, and they really help with acuracy in rapid fire mode. the SKS Para has had a custom muzzle brake fitted, while the AK still has the slant brake. down the road, I'm going to get a tactical forend for the AK, as this is my choice SHTF gun.
1-20 of 29 Results