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  1. 1911 Talk (formerly Colt Government Talk)
    Palmetto State Armory announced their own 1911 during shotshow, what do yall think? Personally, I like the grips. I wonder if it is going to be made here in the USA or overseas? Not that it affects quality, but I would not mind having another made in USA 1911 in my collection. My other 1911...
  2. 1911 Talk (formerly Colt Government Talk)
    If you were going to buy a 45acp, what do you think is the best value for the money? Ruger SR1911 Rock Island Armory GI 1911 H&K USP Ruger P90 - not sure if made anymore Sig Kimber Or something else? About 10 years ago I owned a Ruger P90, it was a nice shooting pistol that would eat just...
1-2 of 2 Results