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  1. General Chit Chat
    I thought this would be a good place to list some of the cool giveaways going on. Here is a 300 Blackout giveaway Here is a rotating rail giveaway
  2. Rifles Misc
    Hi friends. For my second post, I would like to share a good money saving tool. I was at home and my baby just went to sleep so I decided to keep myself busy. I have been locking online for a while for a cheap laser boresighter and I was not quite happy with what is available. Price wise I...
  3. Ruger 10/22
    Can any one give me any info on this 10/22? I know it was made in Aug of 2000
  4. New member introduction
    Hey Y'all, Looking forward to sharing and learning with/from everyone. Respectfully, Ethan
  5. For Sale - Complete Firearms
    Sold! Sold!
  6. Ruger 10/22
    Ruger 10/22 with Fajen Legacy stock, Volquartsen extended bolt handle, Christie's extended mag release, Clark Custom trigger kit and auto bolt release, Buffer Technologies recoil buffer, and BSA red dot sight. Next step will probably be a Green Mountain .920" fluted barrel. And I'm thinking...
  7. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    I am a man in his early 20s looking for THE ONE rifle to invest in for the long haul. I have done extensive reading on the AR, AK, XCR, and VZ 58 and some other semis. The first time I heard of the Mini, it was interesting. I left it alone, then and back to it, left it alone, and then came...
  8. Ruger 10/22
    Hello, Everyone -- First of all, this is my first post here! Please forgive me for my ignorance of anything I say! I recently sold my Remington 597 (piece of junk) and am now going to by a 10/22. I am looking at scope choices and want an opinion from some one who uses their rifle like I do...
  9. For Sale - MISC
    Here's what I have aval. in Rifle brass. I am looking to sell or trade these. Email me and make an offer. 3030 500 each 308 450 each 30-06 600 each 7mm mag 200 each 45/70 100 each 300 wsm 100 each 223 1000 each I have listed several ads for reload supplies and equipment. These are...
  10. For Sale - MISC
    New 100 count Winchester Bags. 7mm 150 Gr PP wb7pp150 These are new bags never opened. I have 10 bags, 1000 bullets I am selling these by offers, or will trade. I will be posting several other adds for reload supplies. You can contact me at [email protected] Located in Durham Thanks Karl
  11. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Hello, new poster here with some questions about the various Mini-14 models. I've wanted to get a rifle for a long time, and I've finally settled on the Mini-14 for various reasons: One of the biggest being that I live in New York, and so the laws are somewhat restrictive. Also please note...
21-31 of 35 Results