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  1. General Chit Chat
    It's hard to imagine one person will ever have the same impact on technology as Samuel Colt, let alone firearms. (Maybe the guy who invents a practical laser gun will count, but there's no way it won't actually be a team of white coats working in a bunker somewhere that comes up with that.) Our...
  2. Revolver Talk
    Hi folks, Sorry about my bad english. I don't know all correct words for the parts on the holster but I'll try to descibe it as good as possible. I bought a western holster for my revolvers. Now back home I tried to put bullets on the belt ...(I don't know the correct word) where usually the...
  3. Handgun Misc
    When a friend of mine told me he found the ultimate handgun I had to say I was a bit skeptical. Sure, it sounded great to fire a heavy duty pistol round and a shotgun shell, but seriously what would you use it for? Seems I had a lot to learn. Taurus has introduced a handgun perfect for the...
1-3 of 3 Results