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  1. Bolt Action Talk
    Guys, I have a 1971 Remington 700 BDL in .270 Win. Apparently, the magazine follower has some type of "chrome plating" that is chipping off and making the action sticky so I am trying to find a replacement. My question is, what part do I need? I am thinking it is just a "long action magazine...
  2. Bolt Action Talk
    Hey guys, Ive got a remington 700 in 270 winchester that i picked up a few years ago to do some hunting with. but seeing that i do more range shooting than i do hunting i would like a long range gun that could get out to 600+ (ive only ever shot mine to 300) to add some excitment to my...
  3. Bolt Action Talk
    A couple of years ago my Remington model 700 started shooting funny. 1 round would hit to the right, the next round would then hit straight up from zero - both rounds would be around 18 - 24 inches from zero. At first I thought it was the scope - so I replaced the scope and the problem was...
  4. Bolt Action Talk
    I;m looking at a VERY nice 1993 Remington 700 ADL deluxe. .30'06, has the sights and bases, no rings or glass. Wood is very good, deep dark black bluing, 95% Barrel looks mint, crown is perfect, great trigger I can get it for $400, or just ok?
  5. Bolt Action Talk
    Hi fellas, I've always admired the 700, even in the basic ADL version. I can't seem to find the value for one purchased by the original owner in 1965. My Fjestad's book (2005) shows 90% at less than 2 bills. That seems way low to me, because you never see 700's of any version in the used shops...
  6. Bolt Action Talk
    I picked up a Remington 700 SPS Varmint a couple days ago in .243. I have been looking for the right scope for 3 days now and havent been able to make my mind up on anything. I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction for getting a quality scope for this rifle for around 300.00...
  7. Bolt Action Talk
    Hey guys, can anyone tell me what the advantage is to having the traingular VTR barrel on a rifle? Thanks.
  8. Rifles Misc
    A buddy of mine at work was talking about what kinda guns he should go out and buy. We live in SE Michingan and he might go deer hunting. I said go out and buy these in the order there listed. Rem 870 12 gage, 24" barrel to start off with maybe a 18" later Glock 23 40 cal Rem 700 in 30/06...
1-9 of 9 Results