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  1. Rifle Reloading Forum
    i have an issue. i tried to reload for my sks. the primer pocket measures the same for small rifle but the bible says large rifle primer. i swaged the primer pocket to make sure there was no crimp. i'm useing once fired remington brass. large rifle primer will not go in, i'm perplexed:blink:
  2. Rifle Reloading Forum
    I have never reloaded 7.62X39mm. I am thinking about reloading for my Mini-30. When I measured the bore the other day with calipers, it was a tad over .308. Is this a normal bore size, for a series 189 Mini-30? What size bullets would give the best accuracy for this bore? Thanks for any help.
  3. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    I've been reloading for about 35 yrs but most of it has been for straight sided revolver and rifle cases, minimal experience with an AR. What I am confident that I should always do is full length resizing and ensuring as with any firearm, that the primers are seated below flush with the base of...
  4. Rifle Reloading Forum
    I have been using the Hornady Perfect Crimp die to crimp all of my handloads for the Mini Thirty, and it has done an exemplary job. However, accuracy has not been anything to write home about. I recently read in two of my reloading manuals that crimping degrades accuracy and that it should...
  5. Rifle Reloading Forum
    I'm currently loading 150g jacketed bullets over 23.5g H4198 for @ 2100fps. I like it and it's accurate. Been casting for years so I made the leap and bought a .30 cal Lee 150g GC mould for my Mini which I plan to load over the same charge. I am wanting to load to maximum velocity, not target...
  6. Rifle Reloading Forum
    Does any one out ther load 308 projectiles in their mini 30 and what kind of results do you find. Is there a big difference between those and the 311 dia. results?
1-6 of 6 Results