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  1. Thompson Center
    I just got a 357 barrel with that hot shot choke. Was wanting to reload something that would work with that. I hear speer capsules are not compatible with that. Anyone have information for reload. I found a couple boxes of capsules on gun broker,but man, they want 57 bucks for them.
  2. For Sale - MISC
    I have the following shot gun hulls for sale or trade, I dont reload shot gun shells so make an offer !! 12 ga Hulls 3000each 20 ga Hulls 1200 each 410 ga hulls 250 each I have listed several ads for reload supplies and equipment. These are located in Durham and you can reach me at...
  3. Reloading
    Check out the For Sale- Misc. on this site. I am cleaning out thousands of items including brass,powder,primers,bullets,dies and more. You can see the ads there or email me at [email protected] Thanks Karl
  4. For Sale - MISC
    I have alot of pistol brass I would like to sell. I would consider trades as well for rifle brass. Please take a look at the list below and make an offer.This is all brass from an indoor range. I have cleaned alot of it. 25 acp 200 each 32 acp 200 each 32 long 150 each...
1-4 of 4 Results