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  1. BBQ/cooking forum
    For the price a family pack of pork chops is difficult to beat. Throw some steak seasoning on them, put em on the grill for a little bit, serve with a side dish of rolls, corn or ranch style beans, and maybe even a baked potato. Labor day is coming up, and I think I will probably cook up 2...
  2. BBQ/cooking forum
    Personally, I prefer baby back pork ribs over beef ribs. The beef ribs have more fat on them, and they are not as tasty as pork ribs. Where I can cook some baby back ribs in about 4 hours, beef ribs seem to take something like 6 hours. Some people may wonder about using a side smoker that...
  3. BBQ/cooking forum
    Memorial day is next weekend, so lets talk about smoking/cooking briskets. I like to marinate my brisket for at least 12 hours before cooking. For the rub, I am currently using a liquid marinate out of the mexican food section called goya Mojo criollo Marinade for chicken, pork and beef...
1-3 of 3 Results