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  1. Shotgun Misc
    Lets talk about the mossberg 590. Some of the differences between the mossberg 590 and the remington model 700: Remington 870 has a choke - the mossberg 590 does not. This limits the 590 usage as a hunting shotgun - unless you are up close and personal with hogs or deer. And I mean really up...
  2. Shotgun Misc
    On a whim, I purchased a brand-new Mossy 500 Field in .410 (24" VR). Took it out on Saturday, and noticed that it tends to bind when chambering 3" shells. 2-1/2" are no problem. I'm thinking (hoping) this is just a "new gun" issue, and once it's broken in it'll eat anything I put through...
1-2 of 2 Results