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  1. AR-15 Talk
    The 308 rifle niche was already filled with the M1A, FN/FAL, PTR-91, Remington Woodsmaster, and various bolt action 308 rifles. Heavy Duty SHTF Battle Rifles - I remember reading about the AR-10 decades ago. Why it took so long for an AR platform in 308 Winchester to go main...
  2. Rifles Misc
    Take your pick, the PTR-91 or the FN/FAL. Which one would you choose and why? Both rifles have a quality reputation, both fire 308 winchester, and both rifles are "about" the same price. The PTR-91: From the PTR website PTR G.I. model - Item # 915300 Suggested retail price: $999.00 flash...
  3. Rifles Misc
    Lets say that your looking at 2 rifles to buy: Rifle A cost around $1,200, has a solid reputation, great quality and comes with a lifetime warranty. Rifle B cost around $500, has hit and miss quality, and comes with a 1 year warranty. Would you rather buy the less expensive rifle, and have...
  4. FN-FAL Talk
    good for long distance shooting, but this video shows it is not a tactical run and gun option. the rifles are just too heavy. Find All Video
  5. Rifles Misc
    Ok, I've seen countless threads about this. But my question is a little different. I've always liked the FAL, but I've already got a G3 clone. Both .308, but which is a more reliable and more accurate rifle? Ergos, fun and ease of loading are factors as well. Recoil doesn't bother me, I'm...
1-5 of 5 Results