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  1. SKS Talk
    I recently replaced my gas tube with a tapco. The tube fits snug. I also had the spring plate for the rear sight mount fixed. Before there was no tension and the mount flopped around. Now it won't cycle. Seems there is gas escaping from under the mount. Any suggestions?
  2. SKS Talk
    I ran into an chinese sks in mint shape at A pawn shop , its been some time that i have seen one in mint shape like this one , most of the ones i see are good to fair shape , so i asked about the price , the dealer said $400 total tax and all , i told him too much , he sad he could not take A...
  3. SKS Talk
    Was heading home from a turkey hunting trip and stopped at a local pawn shop, spotted a Norinco SKS and picked it up for $190 out the door. I was hoping I could get some help IDing this particular rifle. Year made, pre or post ban anything would help. Markings are: Toward the front of the...
1-3 of 3 Results