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  1. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    I just bought a Mini-14 Tactical and I am mounting a GG&G rail on it for my optic. Ruger Mini 14 Accessories | Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mounts for Ranch Rifles Does anyone have a Nikon M-223 optic on their Mini-14 in the Nikon M-223 mount? To do this you would need the Warne or GG&G rail mounted...
  2. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Hello everyone, I have looked at Nikon's M-223 1x4 scope that is designed for the AR platform and was wondering if anyone has tried one on their Mini 14? If so how do you mount it? Ruger rings or use a scope base and Nikon's mount? The scope is designed for the 55 grain .223 round so I am...
1-2 of 2 Results