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molle pack
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  1. Camping and backpacking
    To get ready for an upcoming camping trip I decided to do a load out list. List like this help you see what your pack contains, and hopefully spot missing items in the list. For those of you looking at this list and wondering how I am going to pack off of this gear, the easy answer is “I am not...
  2. Camping and backpacking
    If there is one point where the ALICE pack stands out in, that has to be its rugged durability. Whether its an overnight camping trip, or a 3 day trip, the ALICE pack is durable enough to go just about anywhere. My first exposure to the ALICE pack was somewhere around 1992 or 1993 when a buddy...
  3. Camping and backpacking
    Which do you prefer and why? Ask a group of backpackers which one they prefer and your sure to get a variety of answers. The truth is, asking about internal and external frame packs is like asking about: chevy or ford dodge or toyota apples or oranges iron man or spider man This article is...
1-3 of 3 Results