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  1. Hunting Forum
    Deer season is here, instead of grabbing a pack, throwing some random gear in and heading out to the woods, lets take a look at some items that should be considered. The way I look at it, your pack needs to contain everything you need to track a wounded deer, find your way back back to the...
  2. Camping and backpacking
    Contrary to popular belief, nature classes do not take their clothes off and run around naked in the woods. In fact its just the opposite. We keep our clothes on and drive to where we want to go. There might be some nature clubs out there at do strip down and run through the woods naked, but...
  3. Camping and backpacking
    I would like to tell you about my 3 favorite Maxpedition Backpacks, and what makes them unique. Maxpedition Falcon-II Pygmy - which is my favorite dayhike / warm weather overnight bag. Even though the Falcon-II Pygmy has capacity of only 1,400 cubic inches, for you ultralight backpackers out...
1-3 of 3 Results