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marlin 1894

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  1. Rifles Misc
    Shot my new Marlin 1894C lever action carbine for the first time today, Nice gun. Unfortunatley it was shooting about three inches high and three inches to the right at 75 yards. At least my grouping was consistent. :lol: Looking at the iron sights I do not see a way to adjust the sights or...
  2. Lever Action Talk
    Hello, Up until now only lived in the Ruger 10/22 section. However yesterday bought a Marlin Cowboy Limited with checkered stock and 24" octagonal barrel. Tried with .38sp last night and was a delight to shoot. I was told it was a 2002 model. The foresight had been filed down so unable to zero...
  3. Lever Action Talk
    I am interested in anyone's experience in shooting cast bullets in a Marlin 1894 with the dreaded Micro-Groove barrel. I have one that I would like to use in CAS but one batch of cast bullets I tried at magnum velocities wouldn't group worth spit. I wondered if anyone has had much experience...
  4. Lever Action Talk
    I just finished this little project. I've had the gun for awhile and after using a scout setup on my Model 1895 450 Marlin I decided I liked it well enough to do the same with this one. The 450 has a Burris scout scope so I decided to try the Leupold on this one. Plus...the Burris was not...
1-4 of 5 Results