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  1. For Sale - Complete Firearms
    Springfield M1 Garand .30-06 S# 5923720 Barrel date 9/55 Bright shiny bore measures 1 on CMP gauge All correct nice clean Garand Needs a NEW Home for Christmas. Call Or Text 8578374100 Will Only SHIP within the States Plus Tons of AMMOS $800
  2. General Chit Chat
    Today is John Garand's Birthday! Any gun nut - er, "firearms enthusiast" - worth their salt has heard of the M1 Garand (it rhymes with "errand," by the way). This .30-06 semi-automatic rifle is one of the most iconic American firearms of all time, and was the standard-issue weapon for...
  3. M1 Garand Talk
    what is this,how does it work, is it safe for my M1 garand? or where can i go for more info. i would appreciated any and all info someone might have. thanks
  4. M1 Garand Talk
    I have what I am told is a very unusual M1. It is a Springfield with serial number 1986xxx. It is in excellent condition. This one that has even stumped my local expert. It is quite obviously an M1 Garand is styling, it is the length of a Tanker model however it is chambered for .308 (7.62)...
  5. M1 Garand Talk
    I am looking to buy an M1 Garand from my local gun store and I am wondering if this is a good deal or not. Its a standard M1, made by H&R however the original stock is gone. The replacement stock is still a military one according to the dealer (It has a "P" stamp on it). They say the gun is from...
  6. For Sale - Complete Firearms
    I am new to this site and here is my first try at selling something. This is a WW2 Springfield vintage Garand reciever which has had the folllowing work done: New commercial barrel 30/06 Reparked National match front and rear sights Glass Bedded Polished and throated Chamber Relieved front...
  7. M1 Garand Talk
    Hi guys, I just published a new web site with some M1 Garand content. I tried to compile the most common questions I've seen from new M1 users and present the information in a easy to follow format. I've also put up a C&R application section for those interested in that process. Both of the...
1-7 of 7 Results