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  1. Rifle Reloading Forum
    I'm putting together a portable kit to reload match-quality 30-06 ammo (168gr HPBT w/ Varget) for a 1917 pattern US Enfield. I've narrowed down my options to 2 main choices: 1) Lee Hand Press w/ neck-sizing only die 2) Lee Target Loader Zero-Error What I am hoping to get from all of you guys...
  2. Rifle Reloading Forum
    The thread on the SHTF loader setup for a pack has me thinking about a Lee Loader. I know the instructions say the Lee Loader might not be the most effective reloader for autoloaders, but the mini-14 has such sloppy tolerances, I'm wondering if it might just work. Have any of you used a Lee...
1-2 of 2 Results