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  1. Handgun Misc
    You've made the decision to carry a firearm. Maybe you've already picked out your gun, and maybe you've already shot it. Now, it's time to wear it. But it can be confusing knowing where to start. After all, there are holsters that clip on the outside of your pants, ones that fit on the inside...
  2. Revolver Talk
    Hi folks, Sorry about my bad english. I don't know all correct words for the parts on the holster but I'll try to descibe it as good as possible. I bought a western holster for my revolvers. Now back home I tried to put bullets on the belt ...(I don't know the correct word) where usually the...
  3. 1911 Talk (formerly Colt Government Talk)
    I am looking for a good quality thigh holster for a 1911. Does anyone here have experience with a Specter Gear Tactical Thigh Holster? The few reviews I found said they were good. I would like something either in black, green or woodland camo. Something that can hold either a Beretta 92f...
  4. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
    I am looking at getting a Viridian X5L for my S&W M&P full size .45 and am trying to find holsters to fit this combo. I know Viridian/Blackhawk makes a nylon holster but prefer an injection molded, kydex, or leather holster. I am also aware that Fobus makes a holster to fit this kind of combo...
  5. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
    Howdy All, Can anyone suggest a holster for my wife's ruger p345 with a Streamlight M6 mounted? She sure does love this gun/light/laser combo, but can't find any holster...she carries it in a Galco purse now, but would like a holster. Thanks
1-6 of 13 Results