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  1. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Today while working up loads for my scoped series 582 RR I had trouble getting a decent sight picture once the barrel heated up. I noticed that groups from a hot barrel only opened up about 1/2" going from 1.5" to 2"@100yds. There was no wind so the heat waves caused dancing of the target &...
  2. Mini-14 Mini-30 Gallery
    "Before" Pictures: "After" Pictures: I decided to give LaFawnduh a new hairdo. So, here's what I did: 1. Bought a Fiberglass M14 upper handguard from TreelineM14. 2. Chopped the back end of the handguard off until it was to length. 3. Ground down the side-bottom areas of the...
  3. SKS Talk
    How important is it to have the handguard ferrule pinned to the handguard/gas tube? The handguard ferrule itself is in place as is the handguard and the gas tube is locked in as it is supposed to be. However, there is not a pin holding the handguard ferrule to the gas tube. I would just as...
  4. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    I am considering a new handguard for my Mini. So, what are some good options? I like the Choate, but it doesn't have a heat shield. I use a single point sling, so that could be hazardous. Does the Ram-Line come with a heat shield? If so, does anyone have up-close pics of an installed ram-line...
  5. Want to Buy
    Hey folks, I'm looking to purchase (or trade for) a Ruger mini-14 wood stock and handguard. It must be from 181 series (1978) or later. I think they were still putting the wooden hand guards on the mini at least through 1983 (maybe later). I'd like for the parts to include all the metal...
  6. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a walnut handguard for my mini. I just picked up a Boyd's stock and want to get the look of an early mini. Thanks.
21-26 of 27 Results