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  1. Handgun Misc
    In 1982 when Glock hit the streets it was thrown to the forefront of the gun control battle by having a polymer frame. The anti-gun leftist claimed a Glock would slip past airport metal detectors. The anti-gun media did one thing, they gave Glock all the free advertising the company could...
  2. Handgun Misc
    Glock and the Striker Fired Pistol And the award for the first production polymer framed, striker fired pistol goes to the German arms manufacturer … Heckler & Koch for the innovative VP70! ‘Heresy!’ cried the Glock crowd. Gaston Glock’s model 17 revolutionized the modern firearms industry and...
  3. Handgun Misc
    Article about a cop that goes face to face with a bank robber. During the shoot out the cop shoots the bank robber 17 times. The conflict finally ended when the cop put a couple of rounds through the guys head. Shots Fired: Skokie, Illinois 08/25/2008 - Article - POLICE Magazine Out of the...
  4. 1911 Talk (formerly Colt Government Talk)
    I found this article on Military Times last night. After reading the article, I do not know what to think about it. Read this before you buy your first 1911 | Military Times GearScout On one hand there has to be a reason why the 1911 was used through 2 major wars and various conflicts. If...
  5. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
    Some may quibble about this video, for example it conflates "clip" with "magazine," I'm sure most will agree it is worth a look.
  6. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
    200 rnds PMC hardball, slow and rapid fire, no issues. More controlled than my gen 2, the gun is inherently more accurate than I can shoot. Performed flawlessly. That's my report. :) Anybody have any experience with the Sure Sight triagular system? SureSight Safe shooting to y'all. gary
  7. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
    My friend picked up a 26 in OD and asked for help customizing it :) Step one back strap plug Step two finger grip for mag Step three G19 brl Step Four it's off to the Glock Doc for Night Sights
  8. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
    Why are fire companies going toward making smaller caliber handguns. I don't know about most of you but prefer the larger calibers such as .45ACP and 10mm. I just feel more comfortable knowing that if I ever have to use my fire against a threat, that the round is going to do significant damage...
  9. For Sale - Magazines
    Mini-14 magazines on hand: 2 ea Masen (?) 10 rnd w/ Ruger baseplates and followers 2 ea ProMag 20 rnd 3 ea Masen 20 rnd 1 ea stainless steel PMI (?) 30 rnd Wanted: Magazines for Glock 19 or 26 Magazines for AR15 My vision was to trade out the whole lot, but other options are on the table.