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  1. For Sale - MISC
    Have been selling these around for a while, and it's become a sort of hobby in and of itself. I do slings. Have high quality replicas, right now primarily M1907 U.S. leather units. Also have some very high quality repros of the Swiss K-31 leather sling. Those are $26.50 a pop one at time...
  2. M1 Gallery
    PALADIN went belly up about four years ago, so withdrew copy and did the re-do update of my practical histories, recombined, as they were in the late 80's, with color and more detail. They hit the market February 10th, and I've been making autographed copies available, postpaid, for...
  3. Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30
    Hello all, and thank you for having me on the forum. I just wanted to share my new (and first) rifle, after having completed all the mods I wanted done with it. Nothing spectacular, but it produced exactly the kind of carbine I was looking for: Started out with a stock 582 Mini-14 Ranch Rifle...
  4. M1 Gallery
    Okay, so the story of how I scored my first and only, Springfield M1 Garand... One day, I was in the field training (I'm in the Army) and was out there for no apparent reason since I was told I'd be out there doing something "awesome" and ended up just going out there to be another body doing...
1-4 of 4 Results