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  1. FN-FAL Talk
    Here is another Fal I built. It's an Imbel kit on a DSA receiver.
  2. FN-FAL Talk
    i am looking to get a 308 semi auto and i am between the fal or the m1a. it will be used for target/plinking. can anyone give pros/cons and explain the difference between inch and metric pattern. price is really not an issue as the m1a is in the 1500 range.
  3. Rifles Misc
    Take your pick, the PTR-91 or the FN/FAL. Which one would you choose and why? Both rifles have a quality reputation, both fire 308 winchester, and both rifles are "about" the same price. The PTR-91: From the PTR website PTR G.I. model - Item # 915300 Suggested retail price: $999.00 flash...
  4. Rifles Misc
    Lets say that your looking at 2 rifles to buy: Rifle A cost around $1,200, has a solid reputation, great quality and comes with a lifetime warranty. Rifle B cost around $500, has hit and miss quality, and comes with a 1 year warranty. Would you rather buy the less expensive rifle, and have...
  5. Rifles Misc
    Guys and gals this is a little article I threw together, and I would like your opinion on it. This article is some of my opinions on the AK-47, AR-15 and the FN/FAL rifles. Lets start from the very beginning: Inserting a magazine AK-47 uses a cam style magazine, where the magazine has to be...
  6. FN-FAL Talk
    good for long distance shooting, but this video shows it is not a tactical run and gun option. the rifles are just too heavy. Find All Video
  7. FN-FAL Talk
    Doe DS ARMS PARA'S have the Para cut recievers? You know to except the Para dust cover with the nose?
  8. FN-FAL Talk
    I puchased this one for more than I thought it was worth. I was right it needed some work would not fire 1/2 the time, After much work and more money I have your average Century Metric R1A1.
1-8 of 8 Results