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  1. Want to Buy
    Just like the title says -- looking for a "standard length" (DPMS-speak for rifle-length) LR-308 handguard. OEM DPMS stuff, black, with or without cooling slots. MUST BE FOR AN LR-308 or large-pattern AR rifle with DPMS-style barrel nut. Pic for reference:
  2. For Sale - Parts
    I have for sale a brand new DPMS 3g1 upper receiver/barrel assembly. This is brand new, unfired, except at the factory. I am asking $782.32, no reasonable offer refused. DPMS 3g1 upper assembly in 5.56 NATO. Just add it to your lower. 18" Heavy Contour 416 Stainless Steel Teflon Coated...
  3. AR-15 Talk
    I would like some suggestions on what is the best AR-15 in the sub-$1,000 price range. Some of the rifles I have looked at are: Bushmaster DS Arms DPMS S&W M&P Stag Arms Colt Chamber must be 5.56mm Flat top would be nice 16 inch barrel Lifetime warranty would be nice Rifle is going to be...
  4. AR-15 Talk
    Going to look at a DPMS LR308 this week. I don't know much about them and am looking for advice and suggestions. What is a fair price for one in 95%+ condition?
  5. AR-15 Talk
    I just took my brand new DPMS 308 out for it's first range session. The rifle shoots great groups but jams every time I get to the next to the last round in the mag. Both new mags came with the rifle. It doesn't matter if I only put 5 rounds or load all 19, it still jams on the next to last...
  6. AR-15 Talk
    what kind of accuracy can i expect from a stock dpms ap4 carbine with a 16" barrel. its $975 im trying to decide between a full sized bushy and this i want accuracy, but if its going to be the same from a shorter barrel in a different gun, id rather get that. the bushmaster w/ 20" barrel is...
1-6 of 6 Results