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  1. Ruger 10/22 Picture Gallery
    Hello all, I'm new to this forum but I am a Ruger guy so I think I like what I see. Here is my 10/22.
  2. Ruger 10/22 Picture Gallery
    I'm new to the forum and just wanted to show off my baby.
  3. Ruger 10/22 Picture Gallery
    Here is the first pics of my 10/22. I realize its not for everyone but as a person also interested in custom cars it floats my boat. Parts list is Revolution stock Tundra Rimfire Technologies Extended Bolt Handle Volquartsen Ruger Extended Magazine Release Volquartsen Ruger Auto Bolt...
  4. Ruger 10/22 Picture Gallery
    Here's my Ruger 10/22. This was the first rifle I ever purchased back in....well, lets just say a while ago. It's not real pretty but is fun to shoot. It's gone through several changes (as have I) over the years and this is how it currently sits. It's in an old Dragunov stock (Choate I thnk)...
  5. Ruger 10/22 Picture Gallery
    heres my fun lil plinker , stole the forward grip from another broken ramline folder.. attached it with a screw, its on there nice and solid...
1-5 of 5 Results