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  1. AR-15 Talk
    I'm going to buy a rifle off a buddy of mine next week. He has a Colt Le6920, a Smith and Wesson,and a Bushmaster. All are carbines with 16" barrels. He wants a grand for the Colt and a hundred or so less for the others. The frontrunner for me is the Colt. Is it that much better than the...
  2. AR-15 Talk
    Hello group, yesterday i became the proud owner of my first AR. It's a Colt Sporter Match Hbar Ser #MH036xxx. I called Colt today and asked date of manufacture. They told me it was pre ban built in 1993. Now the good news, it has never been fired, except by Colt. The dealer said he did not think...
  3. AR-15 Talk
    Looking through the April 2011 issue of Shooting Illustrated, and on the review of new guns, they have listed a Colt SP901 in 7.62 Nato. The interesting thing about it is, it can also accept uppers of 5.56! Colt has come out with some sort of adapter, that they are hush-hush about at the...
  4. AR-15 Talk
    AR-15 HBar - I owned one 20 years ago... sold it :( I am looking at the new Colt AR-15 HBar 6700C model now. How do these NEW guns differ from what I hear people speak of the "pre-ban" AR-15's?? Thanx guys!! Keith Wideman Toronto Canada
  5. AR-15 Talk
    There are so many choices that it is hard to make a decision. I don't think that I want a fixed front sight since I plan to mount an optic (eventually an ACOG) and don't want to see the front sight post through the optic. I would also like to mount a front vertical grip and maybe a light...
1-5 of 5 Results