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  1. SKS Talk
    Hey everyone I have a chance to buy a Chinese sks off a friend I used to work with. He is an older gentlemen that took good care of it. He was helping me lately with a power-point and I have been hounding him about his sks the whole time and he finally said he would take $250 for it today. It is...
  2. SKS Talk
    Montecarlo fur,rear peep sight,Wilson fire sight front,Tapco mag release Tapco 20 round mag,trigger job by Kivari,pulls at 4 lbs,no creep,high polish black oxide finish,3-4" groups at 100 yds bench rest.
  3. SKS Talk
    I did some reading here and on other site but there a few things that i didnt really understand.Heres a few pics.Maybe you experts can help me more on telling me about this sks.THANKS Cant really tell what it says here.I could only tell a few words...... Can someone tell me what it says on...
  4. SKS Talk
    I ran into an chinese sks in mint shape at A pawn shop , its been some time that i have seen one in mint shape like this one , most of the ones i see are good to fair shape , so i asked about the price , the dealer said $400 total tax and all , i told him too much , he sad he could not take A...
  5. SKS Talk
    Was heading home from a turkey hunting trip and stopped at a local pawn shop, spotted a Norinco SKS and picked it up for $190 out the door. I was hoping I could get some help IDing this particular rifle. Year made, pre or post ban anything would help. Markings are: Toward the front of the...
1-5 of 5 Results