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  1. AK Talk
    Century arms is now making an AK with all American parts, brand new with a milled steel receiver. Not one mil surp part, all new. I don't know the price, but I'm getting one. It also has a longer stock that fits us Americans better. Really nice looking weapon. Check it out. The finish is...
  2. AK Talk
    I bought a wasr 10 from century about 8 months back and have not touched it since. Of course, I need to get some accesories for it. It came with 2 Tapco plastic 30 rounders. I have to get myslef some steel mags. Anybody know where to get some good, reliable, preferable new (surplus) steel 30 rd...
  3. AK Talk
    So I have a question for everyone. :) I have the chance to pick up a Century Arms Synthetic stock AK-47. Now, I know that they have the grand title of :beer:"Drunken Monkies":beer: but I want to know if I should drop 1/2 K :blink:on an AK? Should I go for it or just walk away? I already own a...
1-3 of 3 Results