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  1. AR-15 Talk
    Just purchased a Bushmaster Carbon 15 223 SUPLT (that comes with a 10rd magazine) and since I live in MD, I couldn't buy the one with the 30rd magazine. Does anyone know if this rifle is compatible with a 20 or 30 round magazine or is this rifle only able to use 10 round mags?
  2. AR-15 Gallery
    What I have now... Bushmaster AR15, originally had a fixed carry handle, swaped it over to a flat top.... 4x32 ACOG Green reticle (horseshoe) Magpul ACS stock FDE Magpul 30 round magazines x5 FDE Magpul angled foregrip FDE Magpul quad rail covers FDE Magpul pistol grip FDE Yankee Hill specter...
  3. AR-15 Gallery
    Bushmaster A2 with Weaver 1-3x20 and riser for stock. Second pic is with MOE handguards and pistol grip and rubber butt pad. Next pic is with flat top riser, original FSB and Burris PEPR QD mount. Just need a good back up rear sight.
  4. AR-15 Talk
    I'm probably going to sell my pre-ban Colt AR15 6700 competition HBAR and get a smaller Bushmaster 16 incher. What is the difference in A2 and A3 sights plus is the heavier barrel more accurate than the funky looking M4 barrel? I'm not a competition shooter, will be using it for close shots on...
1-4 of 4 Results